1.    Template for Free Radicals' zine-making workshop at Tuesday Night Café in Oct 2016.
2   . Illustration for "Femmes of STEM Podcast Shares Stories of Women in Science"
 2017 article by Sophie Duncan.
       Based on "The Femmes of STEM Podcast" hosted by Michelle Barboza-Ramirez.
3.    Illustration for "Zapatistas Reimagine Science as Tool of Resistance" 2017 article by Sophie Duncan.
       Also available in Dutch as "Zapatistas herontdekken wetenschap als middel voor verzet
on GlobalInfo.NL.
4.    Logo for "Free Rads Reads" 2017 article series.
5.    Illustration for "Prison Labor in a Warming World" 2018 article by Sophie Duncan.
1 - 4. #ProtectKtown graphic drafts against the Catalina Project, a proposed luxury high-rise near a Koreatown school.
5 - 9, #AHome4All graphics in support of the proposed temporary emergency homeless shelter in Koreatown (as well as actual access to permanent housing and competent supportive services without criminalization).
1.        "BREAKING: NAN-HUI JO RELEASED FROM IMMIGRATION DETENTION!" press release graphic on StandWithNanHui.org.
          Calligraphy/Seoye by Jio Im.
2 - 9.  Stationery designs for letter-writing campaign on StandWithNanHui.org.
          Includes texts from the Stand With Nan-HuiDon't Deport Rosa, and Free Marissa campaigns.
          Some of these organizers continue to build together nationally as the Survived and Punished Coalition.
Protest Signs:
1 - 4: #KoreanPeace, 2017 (National Liberation Day rally) - 2018 (Pyeongchang Peace Olympics march).
5 - 6: #NoTHAAD - No warmongering U.S. military surveillance tech on sacred Corean Buddhist pilgrimage grounds.
7.       May Day, 2018.
8.      Trans Week of Resilience 2018 by Queer and Trans People of Color Collective at Los Angeles City College
9.     United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) LAUSD strike, 2019
1.     Korean Language Class by Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance and Korean Peace Alliance, 2018
2.     Los Angeles Reportback on Korean Schools in Japan, 2018
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